Huron Pines takes an ecosystem approach to protecting and restoring wildlife habitat. Through activities like treating invasive species, restoring native plant communities and connecting wildlife corridors, we are sustaining diverse Michigan landscapes that support rare and threatened species along with our state’s prized game and nongame animals. Our organization has a unique ability to work with people across ownership boundaries to improve the health of private lands, conservancy preserves and state- or federally-held public lands. At the core of our work is a dedication to promoting wise stewardship of our most critical coastal and inland landscapes.

Protecting a High-Quality Habitat Area


To improve the long-term habitat and recreation opportunities for the Pigeon River Country State Forest (PRC), Huron Pines, Michigan DNR and other conservation partners are enhancing prairie and food plot complexes and treating aggressive invasive species surrounding “Inspiration Point” and a variety of oil and gas well sites. This work benefits a wide array of wildlife, especially elk, deer and game birds. The PRC is the heart of Michigan’s elk range and due to a range of factors the amount of open grasslands favored by elk has been decreasing, succeeding to forest over time. By improving and increasing open lands at the center of the PRC, this project will draw wildlife species away from the farmlands and major highways on the edges of the property, giving them food sources and providing viewing and hunting opportunities for people.

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Ecologist Jennifer Muladore,
jennifer@huronpines.org, (989) 448-2293 ext. 31