Nutrients and chemicals applied to farm fields find their way into our lakes and streams via stormwater runoff, which also delivers oils, greases, sand, road salt and litter from our city streets, parking lots and rural roads into surface waters. Excess nutrients, bacteria and chemicals can degrade wildlife habitat and water quality, sometimes to the point of being a human safety concern. By improving the way we collectively manage agricultural lands, urban stormwater runoff and the riparian buffer zones along lakes and streams we can do a lot to project the quality of our water resources.

Agricultural Stewardship Starts With You!

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Farmers understand the intimate link between healthy natural resources and a robust rural economy. Clean water supports food production as well as the outdoor recreational opportunities Northeast Michigan has to offer, and our stewardship of the land directly affects our water resources. Huron Pines offers cost-share opportunities for agricultural producers wanting to implement new practices designed to reduce pollutant inputs to our lakes and streams. Whether it livestock exclusion fencing, cover crops, riparian buffer restoration or other best management practices, Huron Pines can help! Please contact us to learn more.

Watershed Project Manager Josh Leisen,, (989) 448-2293 ext. 16