Give Back to Nature By Supporting Huron Pines


Snow is falling. Decorations are being hung. The holiday season is here.

We’re celebrating the season by sharing stories of the people, places and memories that matter most to us.

We owe all of our favorite memories to nature, and of all the gifts we’ve been given over the years, nothing compares to the gifts that have come from nature. Gifts of adventure, freedom, curiosity and love — first fishing trips, winter walks in the woods and camping under the stars. In a season where it’s easy to be overwhelmed by shopping lists and social obligations, it’s important to take a moment to give back.

And we believe nature is a gift worth giving back to.

Nature is a gift that shapes us
“The first time I saw a moose. It inspired me to want to see wild places and wild things. It made me wonder what can be done to help and preserve wild places.” John Bailey, Watershed Project Manager

Nature is a gift that connects us
“I really got into the outdoors, in large part, thanks to my father. My dad brought me fishing all the time when I was little. It’s still one of my favorite hobbies and I really thank my dad for doing that.” Josh Leisen, Watershed Project Manager

Nature is a gift that inspires us
“I remember back to those feelings of exhilaration and independence. We got to explore the woods, be out in the natural world. It set the foundation for everything I love to do.” Jennifer Muladore, Ecologist

We know you share a special connection to nature too.

This season, give back to nature by supporting Huron Pines.

Give online or mail your donation to:
Huron Pines
4241 Old US 27 South, Suite 2
Gaylord, MI 49735



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