Huron Pines Hosts First Artist-in-Residence at Hubbard Lake

Hubbard Lake, MI- Northern Michigan visual artist Sarah Tule has been selected as the first artist to participate in the Huron Pines Artist-in-Residence Program at the Hubbard Lake Nature Preserve. As part of her two-week stay at the preserve this fall, Tule will be hosting a plein air watercolor class on Saturday, October 5, 10:00am-12:00pm. The class is open to the public, but requires registration via the Huron Pines website at

“Nature is a big inspiration for me and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be surrounded by the beautiful Hubbard Lake Nature Preserve for two weeks with nothing to focus on but art,” Tule said. “I’ve recently begun making mixed media pieces which are far more detailed and in depth than my normal watercolors. I’m hoping to start several of these from the inspiration I find at the preserve. Especially with autumn settling in.”

The goal of the Huron Pines Artist-in-Residence Program is to provide artists with a space to create art that’s inspired by nature. By engaging with the community and sharing art that celebrates the Hubbard Lake Nature Preserve, the artists will help Huron Pines raise awareness for the importance of natural resource protection.

“In science, we talk about ‘proof of concept’ in terms of proving that an idea is feasible or a theory is likely to be true. With our Artist-in-Residence program, we’ll be seeing proof of concept in the opportunity to learn from Sarah and see how her art can be inspired by nature, peace, and sense of place at Hubbard Lake Preserve. It’s incredibly special to recognize a natural area you know in someone’s art,” Heather Huffstutler, Land Protection Director with Huron Pines explained.

The Huron Pines Land Protection Program, while relatively new, is already hitting high points with youth, birders, runners, hikers and artists. A place to share and create inspiration, whether on canvas or through sights and sounds, is what Huron Pines seeks to create in each place it protects.

This year’s residency is sponsored by Huron Engineering & Surveying. “Huron Engineering & Surveying has had a long and rewarding relationship with the fine staff at Huron Pines having worked together on a wide variety of projects for the past ten years,” Dan Kibbe, President of Huron Engineering & Surveying said.

“We have come to recognize and truly appreciate the commitment that Huron Pines has demonstrated in protecting and preserving our tremendous natural environment in Northeast Michigan. The recently opened Hubbard Lake Nature Preserve will be enhanced by the Artist-in-Residence Program and Huron Engineering & Surveying is proud to be a sponsor.”

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