Huron Pines to Open New Alpena Office

Leading Northern Michigan Conservation Organization Puts Down Roots on Lake Huron Coast

Alpena, MI — Environmental conservation nonprofit Huron Pines will increase their coastal presence by opening an Alpena office in early 2020. The Gaylord-based organization serves twelve counties across the northeastern lower peninsula. An increased focus on the Lake Huron coast has emerged in response to needs and opportunities expressed by local partners in recent years. An Alpena location allows Huron Pines to advance their coastal resource protection efforts while building on existing projects and relationships in Alpena and surrounding communities like Rogers City, Harrisville and Hillman.

The office will house two new full-time employees with additional space for existing Huron Pines staff to work from Alpena. In addition to bringing job opportunities to the area, the new office will provide the community with more access to staff expertise, on-the-ground environmental support and educational programming. The Alpena location will also make it easier for Huron Pines to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new ones across the region.

“The more we get to know the communities we serve, the more we can understand their needs and challenges,” Brad Jensen, Huron Pines Executive Director, said. “Listening and learning from the people who are passionate about these places will lead to more informed project decisions and better, more sustainable results.”

Huron Pines has established relationships with the Alpena community over the last decade through projects including treatment and management of invasive species, involvement in the Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative Network and placement of Huron Pines AmeriCorps members with conservation organizations like the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Several major land protection projects are already in motion in the Alpena area. In 2019, Huron Pines opened its first nature preserve in Hubbard Lake and acquired a second preserve property in Presque Isle County. In 2020 Huron Pines will hold a conservation easement to protect four miles of coastal shoreline on Alpena’s North Point Peninsula.

Over the last year, Huron Pines has been working with communities like Au Gres, Rogers City and East Tawas to address issues of pollution and flooding caused by excess stormwater runoff in an effort to protect the long-term health of Lake Huron.

“When we think about the future of natural resource protection for the region, we’re not talking three to five years from now. We’re talking about forever. Long-term results start with empowered and engaged communities,” Jensen said.

Huron Pines is actively seeking funding and support to establish the Alpena office and expand programming in the area. If you would like to learn more about the Alpena office, please contact Brad Jensen at or (989) 448-2293.

For more information about the two posted positions, Coastal Project Manager and Communications Associate, visit

The Huron Pines mission is to conserve and restore Northern Michigan’s natural resources to ensure healthy water, protected places and vibrant communities. Huron Pines has helped improve economic, environmental, educational and recreational opportunities across the region for over 45 years.

Members of the Huron Pines board and staff explore the newly acquired Min Hunt Nature Preserve near Long Lake as part of their annual board/staff meeting in August.

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