Gallery: Planting a Forest on the Rogers City Shoreline

With the help of 40 volunteers, Huron Pines and Presque Isle Conservation District were able to plant a future forest of balsam fir, white birch and northern white cedar along the Lake Huron coast in Rogers City May 7, 2022. All 500 trees were planted, mulched and watered within a span of four hours.

As they grow, these trees will help capture stormwater runoff and boost coastal defenses against strong storms and flooding. Because all three species already exist at the site, we know they can survive and grow in its sandy soils. Adding more trees to the site will contribute to the local genetic diversity and also help stabilize the dunes there.

Support for this event was provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Sustain Our Great Lakes Program and the Consumers Energy Foundation. It was part of the Huron Pines Protect Wild Places program.

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