Gallery: Scenes From One Water Gathering June 17 & 18, 2022

Huron Pines hosted the One Water Gathering June 17-18, 2022 in Alpena, bringing together folks from Michigan and Ontario for creative, productive conversations around the protection of Lake Huron.

Friday’s conference featured a number of presenters on topics including green infrastructure for stormwater management, place-based education, project financing, engaging others in stewardship, and much more. Keynote speakers throughout the day reminded us how we’re all working toward the common goal of protecting and preserving Lake Huron — and thereby the health of communities which line her shores —well into the future.

The conference closed with a few words from Rob Collier, retired President of the Council of Michigan Foundations.

“Today confirms, for me, that collaboration requires passionate heroes and patient perseverance,” he said. “Let’s commit ourselves to embracing Lake Huron every day.”

We enjoyed a reception Friday evening at Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center, and field trips across the area Saturday morning, including one to Thunder Bay’s North Point.

Thank you to everyone who shared their passion for Great Lakes conservation with us. Your unique perspectives helped make this conference a success and we’re looking forward to much good to come.

One Water Gathering is part of the Lake Huron Forever initiative. Learn more at

Here are some scenes from the conference, reception, and a field trip to North Point the following day. Click any image for an expanded view.

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