OUR MISSION “Protecting the Great Lakes by conserving the forests, lakes and streams of Northeast Michigan” has far-reaching impacts
that benefit all people and wildlife who depend on keeping our world-class woodlands and waters healthy.

OUR STAFF of knowledgeable and friendly experts is eager to help you learn more
about exploring and enhancing natural resources in your backyard and beyond.

OUR HOME is in the heart of the Great Lakes basin, and we all have the unique privilege
and responsibility to protect this system, the planet’s most important source of fresh water!

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Huron Pines Strategic Vision: We’re planning long-term for conservation success and better quality of life in our communities!

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative: We’ve accomplished many projects  through the GLRI Program, check out the impact from these projects!

Huron Pines AmeriCorps: Now in its 10th year, take a look at what our members have achieved and how they’re improved areas across the state!


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