Bring out the good bugs with native plants

Picture a spring when mosquitoes and blackflies are free of predators. Swarms of biting bugs take over campsites and patios, unfettered by swooping swallows or dive-bombing bats because there are none. Chances are you’ve had a perfectly good camping trip or backyard picnic spoiled by bugs before but, in the absence of natural predators, they … More Bring out the good bugs with native plants

What is stormwater?

Welcome to the first installment of The Nature of Things, a monthly discussion with Huron Pines on environmental and conservation-related topics. This column is shared with newspapers across Northeast Michigan to help build an understanding within the communities we work in hopes of engaging future partners and volunteers in shared conservation goals. By Chris Engle … More What is stormwater?

Healthy Water 2019

Restoration Milestones  The Huron Pines staff has been getting their feet wet in the waterways of Northern Michigan for over 45 years. That’s over four decades of patching up waders, pulling trucks out of the mud and fighting off black flies to restore the highest priority stretches of stream in the region.  Prioritizing each site … More Healthy Water 2019

Monitoring Wood Turtles at Milligan Creek

If there’s a race to reconnect river miles, there’s one slow and steady neighbor watching the progress unfold. As part of the construction at Milligan Creek, Huron Pines had the opportunity to work alongside the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, who have been following wood turtles, monitoring their behavior in the area and relocating especially at-risk turtles. … More Monitoring Wood Turtles at Milligan Creek

Options and Opportunities for Michigan’s Small Dams

Small dams are found on private and public lands throughout Michigan. Though some still serve a useful purpose, many were installed decades ago and may be in disrepair and at risk of failing. Heavy rains or extreme weather, can lead to complete blow out. Removing obsolete dams can eliminate a liability for landowners and enhance our rivers and streams for people and wildlife. … More Options and Opportunities for Michigan’s Small Dams