Vibrant Communities

The health of this region depends on establishing strong advocates for natural resource protection, which means building connections between people and the environment.Through educational initiatives, community programming and capacity building efforts, Huron Pines is reaching people to build a better future for conservation. We understand the value of community involvement because Northern Michigan is not just where we work, it is our home.

Through educational programs, community events, professional development workshops and regional facilitation roles, Huron Pines seeks to inspire a connection to conservation in everyone in order to build vibrant, sustainable communities rich with protected natural resources.

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Environmental Education 
As we involve our children and communities in conservation, the future of natural resource protection becomes brighter. Our aim is to engage students and community partners to build programs that promote a community-wide sense of preservation. It is our goal to work with every school district in our service area over the next decade to ensure that they have a school forest management plan and are integrating environmental education into their curriculum as a way to start young people on a lifelong path to environmental stewardship.

Connecting to Conservation
By meeting people where they are, finding a connection to conservation in what they already love, we can help strengthen people’s awareness of and commitment to protecting the resources that make our region unique. By connecting conservation, environmental education, and recreation through hand-on experiences like bike riding, cross-country skiing or bird watching, we help people develop an interest in and an appreciation for the natural resources in our community that will lead them to be advocates for the care and protection of these resources in the future.

Active Leadership
Huron Pines has a reputation for active leadership and strategic partnerships that has led to our participation in many local and regional initiatives to protect the Great Lakes. We partner with conservation organizations, local nonprofits, community foundations and local leaders to strengthen our impact and build capacity in the communities we serve.