Connecting to Conservation

Whether it’s fishing your favorite streams, buying local honey or taking a walk through the woods, connections to natural resources are everywhere. Our goal at Huron Pines is to help people see the conservation connection in all the things they already love. People care for the things they love and we want to build communities that care about the future of natural resources.

We continue to pilot new programs and expand our outreach to connect more people to natural resource conservation. Here are a few examples:

  • At the new Hubbard Lake Preserve, we held a bird watching walk followed by a talk about how coffee production can impact bird habitat.
  • In partnership with Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital we visited the Gaylord Farmers Market throughout the summer of 2018 to give families some ideas for the best local spots to get outside and explore.
  • We hosted a Happy Hour at a local brewery to talk about the connection between healthy rivers, recreation and craft beer. It included stream samples, a stormwater demonstration and a few pints.
  • We’re launching a reading rewards program this winter to share some suggested reading to inspire your inner outdoor adventurer even when it’s 15 below zero.