Invasive Species Packet Materials for Approval

Hello Christina!

In order to save us both some time with the number of emails it would take me to send you all of this information, I’ve uploaded the materials to this webpage which is only accessible from the link I sent you.

Just click on each link to take you to the material. You can download the resources as needed to review and approve them. Please email  me at to let me know if there are any changes that need to be made or if we’re good to go! And if you would prefer me to email each of these things to you, I can also do that.

Kristin Wing

Ecosystem Sheets:

  1. Grasslands
  2. Great Lakes Coastline
  3. Inland Lakes & Streams
  4. Residential
  5. Upland Forests
  6. Wetlands

General Huron Pines Invasives:

  1. Program Overview
  2. Boatwash
  3. CWMA Partnership Benefits
  4. CWMA Update
  5. CWMA 1/2 Page
  6. EDRR Page
  7. SWAT Team
  8. Intro Letter

1/2 Page Invasive Sheets

  1. Baby’s Breath
  2. Black Swallow-wort
  3. Buckthorn
  4. European Frog-bit
  5. Flowering Rush
  6. Garlic Mustard
  7. Invasive Honeysuckle
  8. Japanese Barberry
  9. Japanese Knotweed
  10. New Zealand Mudsnail
  11. Oriental Bittersweet
  12. Phragmites
  13. Purple Loosestrife
  14. Tree of Heaven
  15. Wild Parsnip