Lake Huron Coastal Preserve

Nearly a Mile of Lake Huron Shoreline Becomes a Permanent Public Preserve

Lake Huron Coastal Preserve now belongs to the people of Alabaster Township and to all who explore in Northeast Lower Michigan.

Thanks to the generosity of foundations, businesses, individual donors and the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, ownership of the preserve was transferred from Huron Pines in December 2022 to Alabaster Township, where it will remain under permanent protection with our support.

This 145-acre property is home to mature hardwoods, forested wetlands and almost a mile of Lake Huron shoreline, all of which provide ideal plant and wildlife habitat and opportunities for low-impact recreation.

Alabaster Township will continue to work closely with Huron Pines to finalize a management plan for the property which will include enhanced trails and improved access to Lake Huron for residents, visitors and future generations.

What is the purpose of the preserve?

  • Conserves 145 acres and nearly a mile of Lake Huron shore
  • Creates a public space for people to enjoy nature for generations to come
  • Provides direct and safe public access to Lake Huron
  • Provides new trail connections between the Alabaster Township Bike Path and Arboretum and Lake Huron
  • Protects the land from future development
  • Preserves essential habitat for migratory birds in one of the most important migration pathways in North America


Huron Pines bought the coastal property in 2020 as a temporary measure to take it off the real estate market for commercial sale. The purchase was made possible with a short-term loan from The Conservation Fund. Our organization worked closely with Alabaster Township to establish land management processes, raise funds for the property, secure public support and submit the grant proposal to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Huron Pines was able to raise over $1 million thanks to foundations, private funders and individual donors like you. The MNRTF’s requirement for local match contributions was fulfilled with funds from The Carls Foundation; Elizabeth, Allan and Warren Shelden Fund; Walters Family Foundation; John Woollam; The Albanese Family Fund; Alabaster Township; Donette and Gary Spiekerman and the many individual supporters who gave during the public fundraising campaign.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors