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Invasive Species Assistance for Landowners

We work with public and private landowners to identify and remove invasive species like phragmites, Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard and more. We take the time to visit with landowners to provide recommendations for invasive species control on their specific piece of property—often through our grant-supported cost-share program which typically ranges from $75-$150 for invasive treatment.

Our team is available to identify suspicious plants, provide resources and referrals, visit your property and even do group presentations. If you would like us to visit your property, give a presentation or if you have a question about invasive plant species, pease contact us at

Thank you to our invasive species removal and management project funders Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Sustain Our Great Lakes, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, Besser Foundation, Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary and individual donors.

Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasives with the Mobile Boat Wash

Over the summer, we operate a mobile boat wash station to safely remove aquatic invasive species from boats before and after they enter the water. We will be traveling around the region this summer to teach boaters how to decontaminate their vessels and equipment and to help prevent the spread of invasive species such as European frog-bit and phragmites. Here’s where you can find the boat wash:

  • May 25, Fletcher Pond
  • May 26, Hubbard Lake
  • June 9, Black Lake
  • July 23, Burt Lake
  • July 24, Mullet Lake
  • July 21,22, Alpena City Marina/Lake Huron
  • Aug 3, 4 Rogers City Marina/Lake Huron
  • Aug 24, 25 Mio Pond

This effort is supported by both the U.S. Forest Service and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. If you are interested in renting our boat wash or having Huron Pines host it at your lake, you can fill out our Mobile Boat Wash Request Form or contact John Frye at 989-448-2293, ext 17 with questions.

Visit our invasive species page  for more information on Michigan’s invasive plant species.

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