OUR MISSION is to protect the Great Lakes by conserving the forests, lakes and streams of Northeast Michigan.

Photo Credit: NASA; Overlay: Huron Pines

Improving Water, Wildlife and Community in Northeast Michigan

Looking at this part of the globe from space, you’ll see a striking feature—the Great Lakes system, that iconic freshwater chain containing 21% of the planet’s surface fresh water. Huron Pines is uniquely positioned in the center of this vital system and our service area boasts many of the Great Lakes Basin’s highest-quality streams. These represent the top tier of global freshwater resources, and they are surrounded by thousands of acres of equally amazing forestlands and bordered by serene Lake Huron beaches. At Huron Pines, it’s our passion to protect these astounding natural areas and the wildlife that call this rare place home. Unspoiled, untrammeled and uncrowded, Northeast Michigan is an outdoor lover’s paradise, and we work hard to preserve the experience that calls visitors from far and wide into our quieter, natural world.

Northeast Michigan’s Top Ten Assets

  1. Abundant public lands available for everyone’s enjoyment
  2. Large, intact privately-owned forests
  3. Dark skies (here, you can get away from it all and enjoy quiet recreation and bright stars)
  4. Great Lakes coastline that goes on, and on, and on
  5. Blue Ribbon trout streams (our region has deservedly become a flyfishing mecca)
  6. Sparkling inland lakes of all shapes and sizes
  7. Huge network of trails and “blueways” (water trails)
  8. Unique geology (check out the Sinkholes Pathway in Presque Isle County)
  9. The Kirtland’s Warbler… North America’s rarest songbird and a true Northeast Michigan native
  10. Incredible wildlife habitat (we’ve got elk, lake sturgeon, intact wildlife corridors and migration routes)



For Great Lakes Natural Resources

Our work has direct benefits for the woodlands and waters here in the “headwaters of the Great Lakes.” Each year we improve the health of our region’s world-class natural resources by reconnecting stream systems, keeping pollution from our rivers and lakes, restoring native plant communities and protecting rare species like the Kirtland’s warbler. Our projects have stabilized eroding streambanks, replanted and diversified forests, pushed back noxious invasive plants and improved wildlife habitat in many ways across our beautiful state.

For Quality of Life in Our Communities

We know that many people are drawn to live in Northeast Michigan because they enjoy the “Up North” lifestyle and the peace and rejuvenation it offers. Improving the quality of our forests, lakes and streams and the opportunities to access them responsibly provides a better experience for outdoor recreationists. We encourage people to see, touch, value and take pride in what makes Northeast Michigan such a special place. We also give people the knowledge and tools to be better stewards of both public and private land.

For the Economy in Northeast Michigan

For more than four decades our work has made a significant impact to local economies across Northeast Michigan—to the tune of more than two million dollars invested in our region’s natural resources each year! We use the services of local engineers, contractors and vendors to carry out our conservation work, and the high-quality outdoor experience we protect provides jobs for natural resource managers, recreation-based businesses and the tourism industry.