Besides the organized group events listed on our Upcoming Events page, there are opportunities available to work alongside one or a few of our staff and/or AmeriCorps members or to offer up educational, social or photographic skills. These can be one-day commitments or much more, depending on the need and your level of interest. Don’t hesitate to email jill@huronpines.org or call Program Assistant Jill Scarzo (989) 448-2293 x21 to have a discussion about any of these opportunities.

How Deep, How Wide?

Volunteers may join Huron Pines staff as they perform in-depth river surveys in the Cheboygan Watershed to assess river conditions both before and after project implementation. By taking longitudinal and cross-sectional profiles before and after Best Management Practices are implemented, comparisons can be made between data sets to determine overall impact on the river system. While volunteers do not require any technical background to participate, surveys take place in the river channel, can last four to six hours and be relatively physically demanding. Surveys are being conducted on various dates through October or as long as weather permits. 

Have You Heard of Our Mega-List?

Every project starts with an assessment of the problem and gets put on the Mega-List for ranking. The Thunder Bay River Watershed is currently being inventoried for road/stream crossing, invasive species and streambank erosion sites. Work continues through the month of October or as long as weather permits. No experience is required, but volunteers will work on rough terrain and wade through rivers. 

Former Educators

If you are a former educator and would like to continue to help students, consider volunteering with Huron Pines. We are seeking individuals with education experience to share their knowledge with today’s youth on topics such as the environment, conservation, species of plants, animals, insects and more!

Making Connections

We’re always looking for people to connect the benefits of our work to communities through contact with the right groups and leaders. If you love our work and you’re interested in being a community liaison, please let us know!

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (or More)

If you like to drive around and take pictures, this is for you! There are three basic categories of photos we need: 1) those that show off the beauty of Northeast Michigan, 2) project site photos, before and after, and 3) people pictures. You don’t need to be a professional photographer—if you have a decent camera or cell phone, we can give you some tips. For more information about what we’re looking for, give us a call!