How Communities are Driving Conservation

Our vision for the future of natural resource protection is conservation driven by engaged, empowered communities. Decades of experience have taught us that the most sustainable environmental impact is born out of collaborative partnerships, whether they are with a city council, a watershed coalition or a classroom of high school students. … More How Communities are Driving Conservation

Why Do Wetlands Matter?

The calls of red-winged blackbirds are returning to Northern Michigan just as our cattail marshes, their preferred nesting habitat, swell with snowmelt. Soon their sunset songs will be joined by a chorus of all kinds of frogs and buzzing insects, drawn to the same wetlands for the very same reasons: to breed, lay eggs and contribute more vitality to these places already teeming with life. … More Why Do Wetlands Matter?

Know your landscape from the ground, up

The massive sheet of ice which shaped Michigan thousands of years ago is long gone but its impact remains. Along the northern Lake Huron coast, the glacier scraped away material right down to bedrock. Further inland, the mile-thick ice deposited huge amounts of earth in rolling hills as it receded. This is the foundation of Northern Michigan’s diverse forest cover. … More Know your landscape from the ground, up