Planting Trees for Water Quality, Climate Resilience

Volunteers made quick work of planting 55 trees at Herman Vogler Conservation Area in Rogers City May 1. Huron Pines led the event alongside Presque Isle Conservation District, which manages the 270-acre recreation area northwest of Rogers City. Twenty-five volunteers planted trees to improve water quality and establish a forest that’s more resilient to climate change. … More Planting Trees for Water Quality, Climate Resilience

How Communities are Driving Conservation

Our vision for the future of natural resource protection is conservation driven by engaged, empowered communities. Decades of experience have taught us that the most sustainable environmental impact is born out of collaborative partnerships, whether they are with a city council, a watershed coalition or a classroom of high school students. … More How Communities are Driving Conservation

What Is Stormwater?

Welcome to the first installment of The Nature of Things, a monthly discussion with Huron Pines on environmental and conservation-related topics. This column is shared with newspapers across Northeast Michigan to help build an understanding within the communities we work in hopes of engaging future partners and volunteers in shared conservation goals. By Chris Engle … More What Is Stormwater?