Huron Pines

Protecting the Great Lakes by conserving the forests, lakes & streams of Northeast Michigan


You can make a difference by giving back to nature.

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Huron Pines is a nonprofit organization with a dynamic staff of ecologists, geographers, biologists and environmental educators who think big and act quickly to ensure that Northeast Michigan’s wild places will stay healthy and resilient for future generations. Located right in the center of the Great Lakes system, we have the unique privilege and responsibility to protect our treasured lands teeming with wildlife, and to sustain the world’s most important source of fresh water.



Our projects range in scale from working with individual property owners to managing holistic watershed-wide projects. We work collaboratively with community members and partners to plan and carry out conservation actions that reconnect streams, enhance wildlife habitat, improve forest health, control invasive species, protect water quality and more. At the core of our work is a goal to teach and instill a conservation ethic in the hearts of people across Michigan and beyond. Huron Pines is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and an equal opportunity provider.

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