Protecting the Great Lakes by conserving the forests, lakes and streams of Northeast Michigan

Water. Wildlife. Community.

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Established in 1973, Huron Pines is a nonprofit organization focused on the protection, restoration and conservation of Michigan’s natural resources. By conserving the forests, lakes and streams of Northeast Michigan, we protect the Great Lakes and improve economic, environmental, educational and recreational opportunities in communities throughout our region. We understand that the connections between land, water and people are what make this region special. At the core of all of our work is a goal to instill a conservation ethic in the people and places we serve to build vibrant, sustainable communities rich with protected natural resources.

Our staff of ecologists, geographers, biologists and environmental educators work together with community members, nonprofit organizations and government partners on the local, state and federal level to plan and execute programs that range from promoting the use of native plants to school forest curriculum development to implementing water quality improvements across the region.