Protecting the Great Lakes by conserving the forests, lakes and streams of Northeast Michigan

Water. Wildlife. Community.

Huron Pines has been serving Northeast Michigan for over 40 years. Uniquely positioned in the center of the Great Lakes system, our service area boasts many of the Great Lakes Basin’s highest-quality streams surrounded by thousands of acres of forestland. At Huron Pines, it’s our passion to protect these astounding natural areas and the wildlife that call this rare place home.

Our staff of ecologists, geographers, biologists and environmental educators works together with community members, nonprofit organizations and government partners on the local, state and federal level to plan and execute conservation projects that range in scale from educating homeowners on the benefits of planting native species to reconnecting and restoring rivers through dam removal and erosion control.


We believe that clean water and healthy habitat are better for wildlife, recreation and tourism. That’s why we work to restore the natural flow of waterways and river systems. By removing dams and improving road/stream crossings we restore the natural flow of water, making it easier for fish to complete their migration to the coldest headwaters for spawning. With the help of many partners and organizations, Huron Pines has completed more than 70 road/stream crossing improvements over the past decade and successfully removed 4 high-priority dams in the last 5 years.


Huron Pines is dedicated to native habitat restoration through activities like promoting native plant communities, treating invasive species, installing instream habitat structure and connecting wildlife corridors in order to support our diverse landscapes. We’ve treated invasive plant species across 600 acres of Michigan land since 2014, covering 12 different counties in 2017 alone. By sustaining Northeast Michigan’s unique ecosystems we help support rare plants and animals like Pitcher’s thistle, Blanding’s turtle, Hines’ emerald dragonfly, eastern massasauga rattlesnake and the Kirtland’s Warbler.


We rely on a collaborative approach to solve natural resource challenges and identify new opportunities. In bringing together organizational partners, city officials, landowners, schools, businesses and residents, we can ensure that our work is relevant and meaningful to the people in the communities where we work. Natural resource stewardship is an important part of building a vibrant community. Our community engagement is best exemplified by our Huron Pines AmeriCorps program, our commitment to bringing conservation education to local students and our role in hosting and facilitating community conversations to advance conservation projects that focus on holistic, long-term solutions to complex natural resource challenges.


Since 2007, Huron Pines has coordinated the Huron Pines AmeriCorps program. The Huron Pines AmeriCorps program matches applicants from across the country with nonprofits, agencies and organizations throughout Michigan to complete a 10-month term of service related to the field of conservation. Through their service, Huron Pines AmeriCorps members strive to enhance Michigan’s natural resources and foster environmental stewardship. They do this by completing on-the-ground conservation work and engaging local volunteers, community groups and schools in service projects, hands-on learning opportunities and educational workshops.  

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