Huron Pines Preserves

At Huron Pines, one of the ways we ensure healthy water, protected places and vibrant communities is through our Land Protection Program which includes preserves and nature areas. By owning land, managing conservation easements and sharing that land with the public, we are guaranteeing our commitment to the future of Northern Michigan’s land, water and people.

Visit Our Preserves

Know Before You Go

Help us protect the plants, animals and habitats that make our preserves special places to visit and enjoy and follow these three guidelines:

  • Where trails exist, please stay on them
  • Leave nothing behind and pack out any garbage, food or pet waste
  • Pets are welcome but must be leashed

Other things to know before you go:

  • Some properties have parking areas; others may require roadside parking. Use caution when parking along roads and do not block access points or driveways. 
  • Most properties have marked trails. The property’s webpage will tell you whether or not to expect a full-on nature wander or marked trails. 
  • Our preserves share property boundaries with private land. Please be a courteous neighbor and be respectful of noise levels and marked boundaries.
  • Bathroom facilities are not available at our preserves or nature areas.
  • Be prepared for uneven, wet or muddy conditions.
  • Learn to identify poison ivy (common in our area) and poison sumac (found in or near wetlands).
  • Plan for mosquitoes or other insects, especially in wet woodlands or near wetlands.
  • Huron Pines may occasionally install trail cameras in an effort to track usage at preserves or to monitor for trespass or prohibited uses.
  • Properties are in various states of development — if you have questions about amenities or ability levels required for outdoor exploration, please call or email Development Director Heather Hufstuttler at (989) 448-2293 ext. 11,