Upcoming Events

Each year people give their time and energy to volunteer with Huron Pines and participate in hands-on education and conservation projects all over Northeast Michigan. These projects have stabilized eroding streambanks, replanted young jack pine forest, removed invasive plants, improved wildlife habitat and expanded access to recreation in many ways and locations across our beautiful state. These efforts have a direct impact on our natural resources and the future of the Great Lakes by encouraging people to engage in conservation.

Our events support healthy water, protected places and vibrant communities.
Our events provide a safe, positive, friendly and helpful learning environment.
Our events engage people with diverse backgrounds and interests, and empower new conservation leaders.
Our events address a real need and have measurable benefits to Michigan’s natural resources.
Our events are inclusive and offer several tasks for participants of different ability levels.
Our events educate community members about ecological issues and methods to solve or prevent.
Our events are connected with efforts of other conservation organizations across the state.